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From the Desk of Director, AYJNISHD (D)

From the Desk of Director, AYJNISHD (D)

From the Desk of Director, AYJNISHD (D)


Dear All,

Greetings from AYJNISHD (D)!

Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan), is one of the nine National Institutes working under the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India. The Institute is committed to work towards improving the quality of life of individuals with speech and hearing disabilities across the country by developing, demonstrating, and disseminating the best practices for effective prevention, identification, intervention, and mainstreaming, through collaborative approach.  In order to achieve the vision and mission of the Institute, its four Regional Centres and three Composite Regional Centres, our dedicated task force is working untiringly and offering quality services through various departments. Socio Economic Rehabilitation Department (SERD) is one of such departments that caters to the socio-economic needs of Divyangjan across the country. Vocational counselling and career guidance offered at the department, enables many Divyangjan and their families to choose the right career path. The department facilitates the issuance of Railway and Medical certificates for availing various benefits and services. The department also conducts sensitization programmes for parents, rehabilitation professionals, Asha workers and employers on rights and welfare schemes, concessions and facilities which are available for Divyangjan and their families. 

It is well documented that education and employment are considered as the two arms of rehabilitation.  Today, employment is considered as the bread and butter aim of education. Employment helps the individuals to have a dignified place in the society and foster in realizing several individual, social and national goals. Employment also liberates the financial bondage of individuals including Divyangjan. Unemployment often segregates these individuals from important activities and roles within the social group. Hence, all efforts need to be geared towards educating and employing all Divyangjan.

Employment is considered as a critical element of independent living of Divyangjan. Hence concentrated efforts need to be made to connect the Employers and Divyangjan. As an institute for Divyangjan, AYJNISHD(D) has come up with an exclusive website which will help the Employers to register and post their vacancies on the website. All Employers in government and private sector may note that the Ministry has identified the list of jobs for the deaf and hard of hearing and the gazette publication is already available for reference. Offering opportunities to deaf and hard of hearing will increase their employability status. Apart from Employers, this website also offers a unique opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing individuals to showcase their potentials, skills and talents, which will help the Employers to identify and place them in suitable posts in their organizations. So, get registered today itself and post your CVs. I am hopeful that the Employers will recognize the potentials of deaf and hard of hearing and give them equal opportunity to serve for a greater cause. The Institute would be happy if all of you could make use of the information and services available on this website. 

Employment in an accessible organization is the dream of majority of Divyangjan. When we promote the rights and dignity of people with disabilities including the deaf and hard of hearing, we are empowering them, strengthening country’s economy and enriching society at large.
Dr. Suni Mariam Mathew